Listen | 17. Jan 2020

Another Special Song Comeback Thankx To "Madmen" Revisited

While re-binging an old favorite of mine, it gave me goosebumps how good this show really was: The dialogues, the casting, the story-line, the characters, the costumes, the set design. Nothing new here, you might think, all brilliantly said.

Still: One song stuck with me and will stick with you, I am sure.

Played as soundtrack of the credits of the fifth episode in season 6. The one playing the day Bobby Kennedy was shot, June 5th 1968. When America stood together in shock and sadness, even at the headquarters of cynicism and alcohol abuse, at the offices of Sterling-Cooper-Draper-Pryce at Madison Avenue.

That same year when one specific song lead the US charts for five weeks straight: "Love Is Bleu" by Paul Mauriat.

Listen again.

And maybe then listen to the cute version of a German speaking chubby little Greek Girl who sang that same song in French for an European song contest and became famous overnight. Obviously even one year earlier.

From now on, "L´Amour est bleu" by Vicky Leandros will be my number one karaoke song forever.