About Lisa - Welcome to My World

This is not about music. Even though "feldmann trommelt" means "feldmann is playing the drums" and used to be the name of a new wave band my brother played the drums for (sic!). That is some lifetimes ago - so I decided to to grab the family name´s musical heritage and re-interpret its meaning in a slightly different, symbolic way: As my way of talking about things.

As I am rarely talking in a moderate way, my opinions are what you might call opinionated, if not sometimes too outspoken.

That led to my job as a writing journalist in the early nineties of the last century, and later to becoming an editor of several magazines. Those days are over. Magazines became less determined to a certain attitude or position and started to depend more on serving advertising clients to survive within a suffering market.

As I am still full of opinions, opinions, opinions, I decided to share them from now on on this blog.

I live in Switzerland and Germany, with my husband and an also quite outspoken dachshund. I love to travel, to hike, to run and to read, to watch tons of movies and some tv shows, listen to podcasts and every song that makes me dance. I am still very much into fashion, styling, photography and art direction of any kind.

So there will be a lot, we can talk about. Agree upon. Fight about. Discuss.

As I would love to get your opinions on my opinions.

Because that is the whole fun about opinions: That we all have them. And then some.