Read | 26. Aug 2020

If You Love New York City There Is One Article You Should Consider Reading - And A Documentary You Cannot Miss

New York City was always our town. We had been there before we met, starting from different perpectives to look at the city. But pretty much fell in love all over, almost thirty years ago, when we began travelling together, on a very regular basis.

Working there, going for summer vacation, even finding friends and starting to spend Christmas, Thanksgiving, New Year´s eve.

We had favorite restaurants, favorite museums, shops, bars - and some parts of Manhattan felt as much as home than any other city we used to live in. That feeling ended some years ago.

So to read the article about that "Affluence" that killed our favorite city, "Not The Pandemic" made a lot of sense to me.

And if you need more emotional support for your personal feeling of loss regarding the wonderful people of wider New York, watch the feature about Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez again on Netflix. There is some hope in there about a better future, not only for New Yorkers.

That is in Kevin Baker´s brilliant piece, as well, on or in his book that runs by the title of The Fall of a Great American City: New York and the Urban Crisis of Affluence.