Read | 07. Jul 2021

Cool As A Cucumber

The first movie starring Michael Caine I ever watched was "The Italian Job", at that time already a classic. The thing that really hit me within a boring gangster story was that guy who changed his clothes more often than a well booked model during couture week in Paris.

And he always looked as cool as a cucumber.

There is a new book out now documenting his iconic style - that in a way helped to create the myth of Swinging London - by his friend the photographer Terry O´Neill.

Go get it if you want to learn more about how to become a style icon like Mr Caine - as he was one in his movie warderobe as well as in more private situations - and you will find out that there is no difference. And even his handicaps, like, his need for presriptive glasses, added to the picture.

All pictures taken by Michael Caine: Photographed by Terry O’Neill, the text in that marvellous book as written by film historian and professor James Clarke. It’s published this month by ACC Art Books.