Listen | 02. Feb 2021

The Whole World Is Watching

Like me, you might not really have heard the name Aleksei Navalny before last years´s January, when his supporters flew him to Berlin´s Charité clinic for emergency treatment after having been poisoned; he was the face and the voice of a newly formed opposition against Vladimir Putins´s government in Russia, his growing influence resulting of his taking advantage of internet platforms.

After a long time in a coma he fully recoverd, then helped investigating and openly accusing the perpetrators.

Finally he announced to get back to Russia to continue his fight against Vladimir Putin.

He got back ten days ago, was arrested at the Moscow airport and sentenced yesterday: To be sent to one of those infamous Russian penal camps for almost three years. Accused for having left his country without allowance, when the leaders of this country have tried to kill him.

The streets of every city in Russia are filled with protesters, risking their own freedom, almost every important politician has also protested one way or the other.

Maybe we all should marching the streets of our cities as well - we have been out there for minor reason, haven´t we?

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