Watch | 04. Aug 2022

Meghan Might Have A Point Here

Imagine being invited to your own birthday celebration with friends at their country house - and nobody shows up! Wait, that is not all: They then come half drunk from a nearby pub and bring a stranger who starts to intimidate you from moment one. Stepping into your bathroom privacy, mocking every single sentence you say, acting weird when it is just the two of you - and then reasonable again as soon there is company. AND obviously writing down facts about you whenever you talk.

On top of that your friends all act rather like enenmies, offending you, leaving you behind, organizing a shooting party well aware you hate shooting, acting irritated whenever you stumble into one of their social traps.

All in all: Imagine your friends being a bunch of pricks with a sick kind of humor nacrissticly concerned only about their very own issues.

You can´t even think about it? Well: Welcome to the British upper class!

The British press calls the movie a " black comedy about a birthday party gone excruciatingly awry" and I could not help but wonder:

Are those the kind of people Meghan, Duches of Sussex, got mad about when first meeting them? Those Etonian friends Prince Harry grew up with? Those guys who get quoted in "Revenge", Tom Bower´s new book about the not-anymore-working royals? Where he is teasing Meghan for her lack of humor when she challenged them for their racist, anti-feminist jokes??

I guess so.

This time I am on Meghan´s side, thanks to this eye-opening movie - and even more so: its eye-opening reception. The English press comments very unexcited whereas everyone else feels like: What The F....?

When Pete (played nicely by Tom Stourton who allso co-qwrote the script) is on his way back from what I can only call a nightmare-weekend his girlfriend teases him about not getting any joke right.

And I have to say: Neither do I in that case.