Watch | 20. Apr 2022

Too Bad To Be True?

The first surprise is Sienna Miller´s new face. It took me nearly one complete episode to get over her transformation. Then again: Who cares? At the end we will always remember her for her brief affair with Jude Law that killed his marriage only to get overruled later by the nanny of Law´s children with his former wife.

Then we know Miller, of course, for her VOGUE covers, most impressivley the one of the movie "September Issue".

In "Anatomy Of A Scandal" she plays the elegant wife of an important British politician, a member of parliament so close with the prime minister that he does not have to fear any harm. Him having an affair for more than five months with one of his employees let her act like those stiff-upper-lip society ladies are supposed to: quick vomit in the kitchen sink, then falling asleep peacefully, waking up with a confident glow on her face.

Michelle Dockery (from "Downton Abbey") plays the mysterious barrister who tries to get the privileged guy behind bars when the ambitious young lady from his office accuses him of rape. As always in those cases lines are blurry between consensual passion and crime.

The wife stands by her man and her beautiful family in their beautiful Kensington townhouse, the scandal might go away, but you never know...

Producer David E. Kelley (from "Ally MacBeal" to "Big Little Lies", probably one of Hollywood´s most brilliant TV-show-developers, not to talk about his happy marriage with moviestar Michelle Pfeiffer since forever) did it again:

A courtroom drama that is mostly a marriage crisis - quite similar to last year´s "The Undoing" with Nicole Kidman and Hugh Grant.

The mini series was good enough to entertain me during frustrating covid-easter-holidays when plans to celebrate a dear friend´s birthday vanished.

I would not support the idea of another season, though, a rumor that is currently going around. Even though I finally got used to that new face of Miller.