Watch | 09. Dec 2021

The Old Women And The City

Watching the first two episodes of "Just Like That" I couldn´t help but wonder: Do we really still want to watch the girls group from "Sex And The City" some 25 years later?

When I first stumbled over the obvious facts of how everyone changed when getting old and how that affects their lives and their life-styles - I quickly found myself more bothered by how our point of view changed over the years as well:

Regarding New York City as the center of the universe (and Brooklyn as its uncool, just more avaible neighourhood), fashion taken so seriously that shoes actually are called "lovers" - and everyone living the highend dream life of a white upperclass.

All that is gone.

Having visited New York just two weeks ago I found the "city that never sleeps" to have restaurants closed at 10 p.m. and shops closed alltogether forever. Even the GAP seems only to survive for a collection designed by Kanye West - and that one sold online exclusively. People ride bikes or ubers, the ever present yellow cabs have almost vanished, the pandemic hit the indoor event spaces as well as movie theatres or museums.

So the script is not only about old people. It is also about a world that is not interesting anymore, let alone exciting.

You will have a hard time to find any positive review in any magazine about the "Sex And The City" sequel - so let me tell you this: The story telling is still good (if not as funny as it used to be). The acting is fine and the casting is trying very hard to get more diverse. As we are all trying to act more open within our bubble communities.

And watching those extanted three of the four women having grown old, you even get used to the new Joker-esque lifted and pumped up face of Charlotte´s Kristin Davis: What else would a Park Avenue Princess look like in New York City these days?

Maybe the show is as thruthful as it ever was. We just don´t care anymore.