Watch | 19. Jun 2020

Finally In A Movie Theatre Near You: And Then We Danced - From Russia With Love

It´s "Call Me By Your Name" - but within a complete different world.

Nothing here is beautiful, no fine Tuscan villa, no stylish haircuts or magic sunsets. We are in Georgia, an now independent state of the former Soviet Union, in the big city of Tbilisi, where people live under quite simple, if not poor circumstances and still try to stay in touch with their inner pride and their traditions.

Levan Gelbakhiani plays the dancer Merab, who trains since childhood to become a member of the Georgian National Dance Ensemble. Like his father did before and his brother just stopped doing. His whole world turns upside down, when the charismatic, light-hearted Irakli joins the group to become his greatest competitor and at the same time arouses a never felt before passion.

You have to watch the movie, not only for the brilliant dancing - I had no idea about this very specific technique.

Watching a young man`s struggle to find his identity within an world of traditional male rules is very touching.

At some point you will understand, how much one has to give up to live one`s own destiny.

(All pictures and trailer courtesy of French Quarter Film)