Read | 21. Sep 2021

Family Treat

You might wonder sometimes how important your family really is for your own pursuit of happiness. Well, I believe: Very!

Then there is the curiousity about how much wealth might be a guarantee for a blissful life. I would say: Not that much.

Our friends of published an interesting article about the new memoir of Anderson Cooper, son of Gloria Vanderbilt, heiress of one of America´s biggest fortune in history. And even if you tend to get easily bored by the rich and famous and never really feel sorry for problems of those highest society chumps - try to get behind that piece by Michael Knox Beran.

It seems the book tries to avoid all those real drama of that generation billionaires - like Anderson Cooper changing his last name back to his mother´s maiden name after his younger brother killed himself during a dinner party in front of everybody by jumping down the balcony. Kind of with his middle finger up in the air towards his mother.

Obviously growing up among the richest can be emotionally quite poor.