Watch | 04. May 2021

An Angel For Britney

There was another virtual fashion show the other day. Like most of those staged performances a dramtaic location and a culturally inspired framework programm should compensate the lack of live experience those shows normally offer.

Particularly Chanel.

Former designer late Karl Lagerfeld used to re-decorate the Grand Palais in the center of Paris into a shopping mall or a missile launch pad; his cruise collections would be performed in the streets of Cuba or at Rome´s famous film studios Cinecitta.

Make up your own mind about what Chanel´s now designer showed fashion-wise last week as her Cruise collection 2021 - but do listen to the wonderful version of Britney Spear´s "Hit Me Baby One More Time" which young Belgian singer Angèle performed later that afternoon.

You have to really fast forward the Twenty-minute-video until its almost end, but you will see: It is worth it.