Read | 02. May 2022

From One Editor To Another

Even if you are not at all interested in fashion, you might have heard the name Anna Wintour. She is the editor of American Vogue since forever (1988) and while doing that she invented the determination for something as discursive as the length of a skirt hem or the colour of a sweater.

She´s also known as the most powerful person in a universe that became a global business more influencial than any other.

No wonder there were several books written about her. Fictional and (unauthorized) biographical. I read most of them.

And then there is Alexandra Shulman who edited British Vogue for the quarter of a century - and made it my favorite fashion magazine. I would see her at events and fashion shows over the years, the complete opposite of her American colleague: most of the papparazzi that used to follow Wintour´s every step wouldn´t even recognize Shulman.

Shulman wrote regularly for her VOGUE (whereas Wintour would only do her editoiral letters, if, as insiders say, not even those), she did interviews and portraits - and she went on writing books when she left VOGUE in 2017. She also writes a column at the "Mail on Sunday" and pieces about this and that regarding style at

I strictly recommend to read her review about Anna Wintour´s new biography before getting it at your nearest bookstore. It´s fun, really.

Like her books you might consider reading instead.