Checkout | 06. Dec 2020

Fly Me To The Moon

When I finally watched the brilliant "Apollo 11" documentary, it felt like time travelling to not only another time but to differnt dreams as well.

When technique allowed shooting three guys to the moon with a gigantic rocket - but people stil used telephones with a dial plate.

You smoked inside - either dozens of cigarettes for stress relief or big cigars to celebrate.

And: The whole world was watching. Sharing something that seemed to mean a great deal to everybody alive.

Like now, during the pandemic, when for the first time I can remember, the whole world is sharing one experience.

Maybe that is what designer Demna Gvasalia wanted to point out with his new collection for autumn/winter 2021 that was presented within a viedo game at the end of last week.

Because, among all those knights in shining armors there were also two blousons that caught my attention.

Check out the movie - and maybe you get what I got: Let us dream the same dream again, please. And even if that means to sacrifice rather than celebrate these days: Have a cigar, make some calls and get into the spirit of flying to the moon.

Pictures courtesy of and Amazonprime