Listen | 19. Nov 2020

These Shoes Are Made For Talking. And Walking, Actually

Actually, when we are talking we sit more than two meters away from each other and don´t wear masks, but for the picture....

We, that is, Helena Schmid and yours truely talking in our podcast Bikini about all kinds of topics regarding women, sometimes controversial because we are actually two ladies from very different generations (Generation "Z" meets Baby Boomer), backgrounds and styles (just look at the shoes) - and then again astonishingly close to each other. Like: How we think about gender related carreer chances or smoking.

Together with our brilliant producer Jennifer Rieger we just taped a new episode about travelling - what we miss, what we used to do, what we definitely plan to do, once travelling is an issue again.

Car or plane? Europe or overseas? To get in touch with people from another country or preferable with your own crowd? We dream different dreams - still we definitely miss going away.

But listen for yourself....