Listen | 11. Oct 2020

To Beer Or Not to Beer - The Bikini Podcast Part Two

There is something irritating, almost vexing about the image of beer drinking girls. I always loved them, tried to be one of them (but could not stand the taste of it), hardly met one (in my generation). So I became a whitewine-spritzer-girl within parties of red-wine-connoisseurs and cocktail-lovers.

My podcast partner in crime, Helena, on the other hand, looooooves beer. Stocked barrels during lockdown, to get her very own tap. Became an expert in local breweries. Identifies so called IPAs with closed eyes. The three letter word stands for India Pale Ale, by the way.....

So we talked about that new trend among young women - is there really one? Or is it still that young women drinking beer are confused with girls you can talk into anything, from unsafe sex to taking drugs to spraying the wall of your host´s living room wall. Certain research numbers still seriously suggest those correlations

Listen up and let us know what you think, about girls who drink beer and women who do not.

All pictures courtesy of instagram.