Listen | 24. Sep 2020

Bikini - A Two-Piece-Podcast That Might Suit You

These boots are made for walking. Well, not really. But the voices that beolong to those women who wear these shoes might catch your attention.

Listening to "Bikini", the new podcast I am producing together with my colleague Helena Schmid (only in German right now, sorry, guys), you might hear very controvesial, often funny and mostly at least interesting topics women care about.

Helena is a very talented 24 year old journalist, and I worked as an editor for ELLE, Cosmopolitan, Annabelle, Interview and L`Officiel before I turned 61. You do the math.

Our frist podcast will deal with the very Swiss topic of parental leave for fathers. As constitutional democratic people we will decide this Sunday, whether only mothers can stay at home for up to twelve weeks after giving birth - or if there should also be the legal allowance of a two-week-leave for young fathers.

As you might imagine, Helena and I are not that far away from each other reagrding our opinions, so we invited a guest: One fine young man, who actually, will NOT vote for his new privilege.

But hear for yourself.... the first episode is live this late afternoon, at,, and where ever else you love to listen to your podcasts