Watch | 04. Oct 2022

Shouldn´t Blonds Have More Fun?

What might sound like a lame joke is also the bitter message of this movie. "Blonde" first was a novel by Joyce Carol Oates regarding the legend of Marylin Monroe, in her own truthful way. I valued that book back then very much as a symbolic description of women´s situation in 1950s America - and not only there.

Now it has become an almost three hour long movie - and it is hard to really watch it until its bitter end.

Ana de Armas impressively became that girl that never really grew up to become a woman. Calling every man in her life "Daddy" and looking for love at places where there was only humiliation.

Two scenes gave me actual nightmares: One with a studio boss called "Z", unmistakable Darryl Zanuck, who kept her under contract in the beginning only after having raped her in his very office; the other one deals with president John F. Kennedy who orders her like roomservice, "meat", and uses her to masturbate him - I cannot think of any other term to describe what is going on in that hotel suite.

Throughout the movie - much more as when I read the book more than twenty years ago - you wonder what kind of a desperate, completely destroyed woman that Marylin Monroe really was. I mean, yes, there was a abusive childhood, but come on: There are holocaust survivors who are in better spirits!

The movie jumps from black and white to colours, from one abortion closeup to the next (is it really necessary to travel with the camera`s eye into the vagina?), and you miss important qualities of that woman who also was Marylin Monroe deeply: her female friends who were so important to her, her humour and the ways she tried to rise from her fate.

As in "Spencer", Pablo Larrain´s movie about Lady Di from last year, Andrew Dominik strictly focusses on the pitiful parts of Monroe´s life. Maybe he thinks that way he supports us? Damonstrating how sensitive and understanding he is? I don´t think we need that.

I am afraid a new generation will now keep Marylin Monroe in mind only as the eternal victim. A poor woman. A wasted life.

A fate this incredible actress does not deserve.