Watch | 10. Mar 2021

Blue Velvet - Never Out Of Style

Perfect movies happen when you are about to watch something else, like the sequel of another movie, one, you actually used to love.

In my case: I planned to watch "The Prince of Zamunda, Part Two" last night - and I had to stop after ten minutes: what a waste of time, money and (wo)men-power. How can a recipe, warmed up thirty years later, taste so poorly rotten?

Already at Amazon I flipped through the programm and found "Blue Velvet", that famous David Lynch movie I had actually not seen in more than thirty years either. What a pleasure!

The story still working, the collection of weird characters acting in a small town scenario all played still brilliantly, the magical cinematography - and the musical score maybe still the all time best of movie history.

Go, get hypnotized yourself.