Checkout | 08. Jul 2020

Would Someone Nice And Old-School-Minded Buy "Brooks Brothers", Please?

There are labels that represent more than just the clothes you wear. They stand for a legacy and for a certain lifestyle you might consider the one that defined you more than others. Just for one or two pieces, maybe.

Brooks Brothers always was that kind of company for me - since I brought back those classic Oxford Shirts in pale blue or pink for my male friends whenever travelling to New York. The white ones I bought for myself, wearing them all summer with jeans, my bare feet in that one pair of Gucci loafers I could afford.

Until today I get back to that look whenever I am just private - like during those past months.

Now Brooks Brothers is for sale. And I am not talking about their "effortless elegant" summer dresses by creative director Zac Posen. Not only but finally for the Corona related financial crisis, the company filed for bankruptcy and is now on the market.

I can only hope there will be a buyer who might translate their suits and jackets into a modern world of a more casual business style without loosing the heritage of a better America: Abraham Lincoln, John Kennedy and Barack Obama were all dedicated clients.

All Pictures Courtesy Of Brooks Brothers