Checkout | 13. Jul 2022

Home is Where The Heart Is

"Cabana" magazine has become a favorite inspiration for some time now. Founded by Martina Mondadori, Christoph Radl and Gianluca Reina in 2014, it aims to inspire a new generation of globe trotters, taking them on a journey through sophistication, obsessive collecting, colors and fabrics. As for me: I love to look at it and sometimes steal an idea or two.

The biannual publication is a collectible objet d'art in itself, from its front cover partnerships with the likes of Gucci, Ralph Lauren, Fendi, Burberry among others, to its striking photography and unique feature layouts. 

And even though their website and instagram account are beautifully done as well - it is also a true celebration of the medium of print.

"Cabana"´s graphic treatment of features, layering embellished borders and striking photography on an array of beautiful types of paper, and the variants of each cover issue, offers readers a truly immersive experience. 

Now there is also the Casa Cabana homewares collection.

Each product is designed in-house and hand-crafted by artisans around the world. Home products range from dinnerware to table linens to occasional furniture. On top of that they feature a cabinet of curiosities and one-of-a-kind vintage pieces that Martina has assiduously been collecting from flea markets and antique shops during her travels.

My favorite new feature is a story within the "Rooms And Gardens" section about pure country style called "Perfect English Stuff" brought to you by the famliy of Eliszabeth Kemp in Devon.

Read her story and then try to hold back ordering every single piece they are offering!!