Checkout | 26. May 2021

One Size Fits All - My Love Story with Glasses

One of the advantages of getting older: You are finally allowed to wear glasses.

Since I watched "Love Story" for the first time, when beautiful Ali MacGraw as Jennifer Cavalleri discusses the rules of Radcliffe library to a preppy student from Harvard played by hunky Ryan O´Neal, the big glasses covering her bambish eyes made it all shockingly clear to me: Glasses just complete a face. Like, glasses shield you from the banal world out there and at the same time make you look more closely at what you want to see.

Jennifer did just that - and from a certain moment on Oliver even mentioned "the way she used to look at me through her large spectacles, as if she would look right through me."

Over the last years I bought quite a few different models. Precious ones made from horn, vintage spectacles I found at flea markets in Zürich or second hand stores at the Grand Palais in Paris. Expensive models, fashionable styles, exclusive frames, some of them hand-made for me.

While in Los Angeles last year I came across a label that sold ready made frames for a reasonable price and just for fun I ordered a pair. The thing is: I now prefer them to every other model in my drawer. And: I get more feedback than ever, some of my friends even followed my lead..

Check them out - and you will see: Watching the world (or your lover) through the glasses of Caddis Eye Appliances ( will change your point of view forever.