LifewithKelly | 23. Jan 2020

Life With Kelly - California Dreamin´

Exactly one year ago, we took our little dachshund to Los Angeles. We stayed three months, for writing and hiking, living the good life and meeting the good people. So we figured, it is worth the trouble of a fourteen-hour-flight, plus security checks and other delays.

Kelly took the whole trip like a soldier - and loved our new life from the spot. And whenever we hiked up to the Hollywood sign or any other canyon trail she enjoyed every minute as if she was born a real country girl.

Back in Berlin winter we sometimes snuggle together on the sofa in the darkness of an early afternoon and dream of the Californian light. And how we climb up hill, or through a little river bed or run into the ocean.

We know we will be back.

When a place and a lifestyle make you as happy as Southern California, who cares about the efforts of a journey.