Checkout | 09. Nov 2021

Baby You Can Light My Fire Now!

I remember vividly when my husband brought home a scented candle for the first time. Before that I had only heard of room sprays or watched those little paper trees dangling from cabdrivers´ rear mirrors to beat the heavy smoking that was still a thing back then.

The candle he lit in our living room came in a glass container on a silver foot, a red ribbon wrapped around. It was branded "Rigaud" on the black and white box in which it was packed. "It´s the candle Diane Vreeland used to have in her office - they say it was lit whenever she was present." A classic trick of him to use that legendary fashion editor as a reference - but it worked, as always. And from the moment maybe two hours later, when the warm cypress aroma filled our appartment, I was hooked.

Until today there is always a candle lit on my desk, at least in those months when cold winds and rain or snow do not allow to work with an open window. And it is still "Rigaud" I love the most.

Only in December I make an exception - when The Ralph Lauren Holiday Candle comes to stores. That signature scent means "Christmas" for me as well as a trimmed tree or watching "Love Actually".

Why do I tell you all that?

Because: As long as I love scented candles there are rumors about the health risks coming with them. Like: If you use them heavily (Hello, Ms Vreeland!) it might harm your breathing and even force your cancer risk. It used to make sense because most of those scented-candles-fans were smokers - treating their lungs not that kindly anyway.

Here comes the good news: Scented Candles are harmless. The "New York Times" says so: The volume of bad ingredients that fill your room (even if it is your small bathroom!) has the sigificane of a teaspoon of bad stuff put into a pool of Olympic size.

Happy Holidays!