Checkin | 16. Sep 2020

I Wanna Be A Travelling Wilbury

As a teenager I dreamt about cruising through the USA in an old VW camping bus, listening to "The Travelling Wilburys" sleeping under the stars, meeting cowgirls and surfer boys and always wear shorts together with my then not even existing boyfriend´s shirt.

Old enough to go camping for the first time, together with my then real boyfriend in Southern France, I found out that living next to an elderly couple that loved to listen to German "Heimatklänge" or a French family who cooked five-course-dishes every single day (preparing and talking about it nonstop) was not my idea of a perfectly romantic vacation, even though that spot was close to a famous surfer´s beach.

Wo we moved into a cheap hotel. That was that. I never camped again.

And until this summer I never even thought about it.

But then Corona hit and destroyed much of the fun of spontanously checking into a hotel on the road, and travelling on airplanes stopped being an option altogether. Also: travel conditions and travel warnings changed from week to week.

And all of a sudden, the desire to move places with your own home around you became a thing to think about again.

As you might probably realized long before me, the world of caravans has changed dramatically within the last decades, you might find a mobile home that is more equipped than the appartment you actually live in. What helps a lot to not find yourself under poor conditions while you only want to use the bathroom.

But more importantly: Within our new normal of social distancing and travelling safely you can still go and see the world. Something we should never stop doing. As well as listening to the right songs.