Checkout | 22. Oct 2020

From Friendly Deer Hunters

Since I have been to Engadin last month to visit my friends I decided to finally eat deer only.

I mean, eggs, butter, milk, cream and all other stuff produced by animals as well. But no more meat from either pigs, cows or chicken at all (horses and lambs were never in question, anyway).

Now I found the perfect boot to fit with this decision. In a small but very tempting little shop in Zurich´s Neumarkt Gasse called "Cervo Volante" - the Flying Deer.

This fine boot, inspired by late Sixtie´s Carnaby Street style, are made of one hundred percent deer leather, ecologically treated, as are all other products under that label. Like, their fox furs, used as precious lining, for instance. Or the beautifully hand crafted bags.

You might find less expensive boots everywhere else - as you find cheap meat much easier than vegetables or salats in you supermarket´s fridge. But who would want to be part of that kind of consuming in the future, anyway.

As the Cervovolante people claim: "Made for a Future after 2050" - can you say that about anything in your shoe cabinet so far???

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