Watch | 11. Jul 2022

Dancing With The Stars

Watching a movie first introduced at "Sundance Film Festival" often leaves you only partially satisfied. As in a vegan meal - if you are not vegan - there is something missing to really, really feeling well fed. "Cha Cha Real Smooth" is the perfect example.

First of all: The ingredients, as in: the casting. 25 years old director Cooper Raiff plays a college graduate but looks older than his mother, played by Leslie Mann, who stopped getting old a long time ago. He is supposed to fall in love with another older woman, played by Dakota Johnson, who does rather look the same age he is and starts a relationship with her autistic daughter who seems too old for her mother.

Okay, we are talking teenage pregnancy here, so that is something you can possibly rely on.

But having Andy buckle up in the back seat with his teenage brother behind his parents feels more than weird.

Second of all: Reiff is too much in love with his Andy forcing everyone around him to look at him adoringly.

And third of all: The story is not a story.

But as in a vegan meal - why should it taste like a steak?

Because if you are just illustrating a feeling - in this case the lost feeling of a young adult not knwoing what he really wants in life - it might work anyway.

The problem here is: you don´t really connect with that guy. I actually got aggressive the longer I watched him. Because he is neither really nice nor naughty, he is never determined or desperate enough to get your full intention. So from a certain point on you stop caring.

The only interesting character in the movie is that autistic girl played by Vanessa Burghardt. The way she mixes her isolation with intelligence and charme is wonderful ,and the way all adults react is not at all sentimental but curious and heartfelt right.

This Lola is the true heroine of the movie. She is not only her mother´s "Rainman" but also Andy´s and her stepfather´s. You get a lesson in how normal people become better ones by just dealing with her.

And I have to say that is my kind of soul food.