Read | 01. Sep 2020

The Chateau Marmont Hotel Will Become A Members-Only-Club - Fine With Me

Not a secret anymore and no place to hide, either, like so many other highend-hotels occupied by influencers and youtubers and you-dont-know-whats, my beloved Chateau Marmont lost more and more of its soul over the last twenty years, but lived of its own legend, celebrated by a young crowd of nightclubbers and party people.

I have to say, even though I do not have any respect for the way, its owner André Balazs treated his staff (letting them go without any payment in the middle of the lockdown last spring), I do respect his idea of transfering the former hotel into a private club; as most of his guests were regulars,anyway - just think of Helmut Newton - why not let the rich and famous people of show business contribute their fare for an excluisive membership?

This exclusivity is actually what fine hotels used to be all about - once upon a time - and as viruses and riots hit the streets, those people want to get back to safety in a secluded location. Let us face it: Not everyone can afford a yacht or wants to stay in a grand mansion in Calabasas, security people their only company.

Chateau Marmont will be the first but not the last of the old-fashioned-hotels to become members-only-place. Fine with me. And even though I wil never be back then, and as much as I will miss that garden, that pool, those bungalows - maybe Chateau Marmont can survive that way.

Like a rare species you have to leave it alone to keept it alive.