Checkout | 07. Dec 2021

Who Would Have Thought...??

There are still It-Bags!

At least one. When I saw the "Edith" on Chloé´s runway I was swept off my feet already, but having held all kinds of seizes and versions in my own hands did it for me: I had to have one of those bags (after hours of consideration I went for this one).

This is classic compulsive behaviour I thought I´d left behind around 2010. Before that almost every two, three years one bag came along to catch me. After that: Nothing.

Now I am happy to learn more about the designer Gabriela Hearst who is not only as talented as she is (her fashion and her boots are pretty awsome, too!) - on top of that she is also a modern person, thinking in terms of sustainability and global responsibilities. Supporting the right charities and working on the good issues. Using her powers within the fashion scene to leave a footprint.

Watch her talk about her roots - and then watch the Chloé Runway show I was talking about earlier.

And then maybe check out the "Edith"....