Checkin | 31. Mar 2021

Village Voice

German Artist Christoph Schliengensief left us much too early - but not without leaving behind traces.

His plays always political, his activities full of playful fun, his fantasies as strong as children´s , his dreams determined to change the world for the better. I never felt as muchg inspired as irritated at the same time as when leaving the theater after one of his plays.

And I never met an artist with a soul as kind as his.

One of my favorite projects has always been "The Operndorf Afrika" in Burkina Faso, a project to bring cultural change to a deserted place - Schlingensief always believed in the strength of music and movies and wanted to prove it.

Right now - from March 31th until April 4th - a movie festival for children is taking place there.

As the organizers put it: "The KID’S FILM FESTIVAL is a festival of discovery that aims to introduce African youth to the visual art of cinema. For four days, we offer a selection of films, documentaries, fiction, short films and animations in which the protagonists and directors are children and teenagers. Above all, the films aim to show the everyday reality of African children and teenagers."

As you might not be able to go to Afrika right now - even though the programm sounds tempting, everyone is invited and corona hygienic rules are strictly followed - you might attent some of the action online.

And you can always support with a donation. He would have loved it.