Read | 21. Apr 2021

Dogs Save Our Queen

When you check out searching for "queen and corgis" you´ll have 9’270’000 results within less than one second. Almost a third of those results you might get when searching for "queen and prince philip". And, actually, that says it all.

Those dogs, and also the fabulous "dorgis", an accidental breed following an unplanned coupling of one of the Queen´s Welsh corgis with Princess Margret´s dachshound Pipkin, play at least main supporting roles in her majesty´s life.

The sisters bred more Dorgis and these included Cider, Berry, Vulcan and Candy, who belonged to the Queen, and Rum, who belonged to Margaret. Over the years, the Queen had at least ten Dorgis, the others being named Brandy, Chipper, Harris, Pickles, Piper and Tinker. And those mingled with about a hundred other dogs that accompanied the Queen through her life.

Originally her parent´s favorites, the future queen Elizabeth got her own corgy "Susan" for her eighteen´s birthday, taking it even to her honeymoon some years later; so her husband knew from the very beginning what really mattered in her life next to him. He famously made jokes about how much she preferred horses and dogs to people. " If it doesnn´t fart or eat hay, she's not interested."

Next to those books I love and all those magazine covers my favorite proof is that opening of the Olympics in London 2012 - just watch the queen swap looks with one of her dogs while leaving Buckingham palace with Daniel Craig´s James Bond.

Sharing those passions I can ony imagine how much comfort the queen might get right now by being surrounded by her companions.

As I went riding whenever in trouble and cannot live without a dog in my life, I perfectly understand what people without those deeply personal love stories might refer to as ridiculous or even pathetic relationships.

First of all those beasts make you move, and moving keeps you away from meaningless depression. Not to be confused with grief - no human being will ever support your sobbing in sorrow better than your favorite dog.

So when we now learn about the mourning queen walking her two brand new puppies through Windsor´s gardens, I imagine her visiting her late husband. She might explain all those detalis Prince Philip designed within the property himself to those little chumps while trying to teach them doing her business outside.

And as we hear about noises of those little rascals filling the royal halls of Windsor Castle, we feel reassured about the near future of the United Kingdom - she will live long, their gracious queen.