Listen | 19. Apr 2021

How Unorthodox Is Deborah Feldman, Really?

You have so heard about "Unorthodox".

One of the first shows on Netflix we binged during early spring of 2020, that mini series based on the bestseller of Deborah Feldman, produced by Alexa Karolinski and Anna Winger, became a success audience wise and was honored with International Emmys as well as Golden Globes.

I only then began to read the book even though I always felt close to Feldman, sharing our last names as well as our moving to Berlin from very different places in 2014.

The book, as different as it is, has a magic story telling of its own. Go and read it if you are not part of the international community of millions of readers who have done that already.

I only talk about it now because there is that new episode of "Alles gesagt", the podcast by "Die Zeit" - and it is maybe one of the most impressive interviews I have ever heard.

Because whatever question Deborah Feldman answers to - she does it in a quick and smart way and with a distinctive eloquence and a lot of humour.

But the most impressive thing is how humble she acts. And that is pretty rare in that very podcast: Normally the two interviewers shower their guests with praises and the guests take it graciously, why shouldn´t they. This time you believe every word of doubt this wonderful writer still has in her writing, how she cannot stop to put her own story into perspective, to relativize her fame and to underline the contributions of others.

And even when she communicates with her dog on the side or about the food the interviewers had made serve her, she seems to be honest every minute.

Listening and learning is worth the four hours of your lifetime, believe me.

The black and white picture above shows the two interviewers, Christoph Amend and Jochen Wegner as well as the podcast producer Maria Lorenz with Deborah Feldman, courtesy of