Watch | 01. Mar 2021

When A Forrest Looks Like A Fairytale Come True

Bavaria´s National Park´s 50th Birthday brought us this beautiful pladoyer for preserving our nature.

By showing us "Der Wilde Wald" in perfectly romantic pictures, Lisa Eder´s movie might have more power than dozens of Fridays-For-Future-marches, as we can see with our own eyes how beatuiful our planet used to be - whenever left alone by people.

Just take Joan Goodall´s word for it, the UN Piece Ambassador functions as the face for this project.

Within the two hour long documentary we listen ot all kinds of scientists about the relevance of this unique piece of untamed nature in the middle of Europe (the Bavarian wild forrest devolves into a corresponding biotope behind the Czechoslovakian border).

And most importantly watching this you´d realize how you´d long to go there, be there, hike there. Because there is that significant desire in our hearts and souls to get in touch with a part of the world that has never been touched.

Maybe then action follows and we start to change our behavior in favor for less economic progress in exchange for more quality of life.