Read | 27. Mar 2022

Diane Forever

She has inspired generations to wear wide-legged pants, off-kilter hats, and lazily knotted neckties. Style credibility aside, Diane Keaton has won numerous awards for her acting (including an Oscar, for 1977’s Annie Hall), directed four films, and published several books and memoirs.

To me her choice of men was even more exciting than her style - and since I listened to one of her memoirs (Let´s Just Say It Wasn´t Pretty) again the other day, I have to say I fully agree on the list of men who cover her wall until today: from Sam Shephard to Francesco Clemente and John Wayne, among others.

And how would anyone top her life partners list of Al Pacino, Warren Beatty and Wood Allen?

Her latest project on the publishing front is Saved, a collection of words, photographs, and film stills that are collaged together into a sort of visual autobiography. On the occasion of its publication, she shares her key components to the good life with online magazine

Just an exerpt....

Airport: London Heathrow.
App: Calm.
Appliances: My iPhone and computer. Those really aren’t appliances, are they?
Attitude: Optimistic. I am trying!
Bag: Gucci. I love what Alessandro [Michele, Gucci creative director] did with the current collection. Genius!
Bedtime: 10 p.m. Maybe later if I am stuck on a good documentary.
Birthday: I will celebrate your birthday, but I am not a fan of my own!
Breakfast, weekday: Nespresso, banana, red grapes, probiotic drink, and walnut toast—yum.
Breakfast, weekend: The same, eaten at 5:30 a.m.
Child: Both of mine, Dexter and Duke! Not in any particular order.
Cocktail: Lillet Blanc on lots of ice, no fruit.
Dinner, weekday: My famous tacos.
Dinner, weekend: My famous tacos with leftovers inside.
Disguise: All variety of hats and turtlenecks and glasses. Sounds like what I wear every day.
Enemy: Time.

If you are too young to have ever watched one of her movies go read the article in "New Yorker" and get started.