Checkout | 28. Feb 2022

Shoe Be Do!

There once were those beautiful "Salomon 'Mountain Racer' Sneakers the American outdoor label DISTRICT VISION created for SALOMON two years ago. It was in 2018 and I was too late. They sold out before you could even... And though they had been an obvious success they never came back.

Like they say, the shoe advertised itself: "Extensive research and the use of cutting-edge technology were fundamental to DISTRICT VISION's design process. Developed over two years with Salomon, these hiking-style sneakers are made from water-resistant mesh trimmed with rubber and hardwearing-Kevlar set on durable Contagrip® MA soles for superb traction. Reinforced toe-caps provide extra protection"

The global outdoor gear company Salomon has been around for a while now — since 1947, in fact — but in more recent years, you may have noticed that the brand's trail Sportstyle sneakers have quietly taken over as the must-have shoes for gorpheads .

The trendy shoe model also caught the marketing brains of labels like Raf Simmons or Balenciaga, for instance.

I have to say: I am not a fan of those, I will go for the SALOMON sneaker and hope for a comeback of "District Vision´s" colaboration with the brand.

The sooner the better.