Read | 27. May 2020

A Very Personal Perspective On Our Never Ending Love Story With Socializing

Dominik Dunne seems to be the epigone of yesterday.

A movie-producer who lost his career to alcoholism and drug abuse.

A journalist for "Vanity Fair", when magazines had the budget to let you work on one single story for maybe half a year, with all the expenses you need and a salary that would nowadays mean you have to work for three years ,on a daily basis, that is.

A very successful book author, when bestselling was still a lucrative business.

And he was a well known socialite, who was never afraid to write a novel or an article to disclaim a close friend.

When Dominick Dunne lived and worked in Hollywood, he had it all: a beautiful family, a glamorous career, and the friendship of the talented and powerful. He also had a camera and loved to take pictures. The photographs, which Dunne careful preserved in more than a dozen leather-bound scrapbooks - along with invitations, telegrams, personal notes and other memorabilia, to record the parties, the glittering receptions, the society weddings, and scenes form the everyday lives of the Dunnes and those they knew, including Jane Fonda, Frank Sinatra, Paul Newman, Billy Wilder, Elizabeth Taylor, Natalie Wood, Jennifer Jones and David Selznick.

Flipping through those pages now again not only brings back a certain concept of spending time together with your friends, but also the fun of formality versus our modern attitude of just sending a text for a big anniversary party.

Let´s get inspired for the days to come - when we can celebrate one fine day again, as easy and close as we used to, let us do that in style.