Checkout | 06. Apr 2022

The World Is Her Studio

Born into an artistic family, Dominique Bondy never called herself an artist. Even though she always painted or worked with different techniques, using art as a way of compensating her everyday life. That was: Being the sister of Luc Bondy, one of Europe´s most important theater directors, moving to Boston with her husband to study arts and literature at Harvard, then, back in Zurich, starting her psychoanalysis that led to becoming a psyhoanalyst herself.

And also: Being the mother of two daughters and one son.

Her daughter Elvira is one of my best friends and so I know the art of Dominique since forever, you find collages and paintings you fall in love with quite spontanously everywhere in Elvira´s beautiful designed house.

Now there is a show and also a book about her work coming out in Zurich - so, more people get the chance to get to know Bondy´s work. You will also find some poems and more words by her and other poets and writers that inspired her work.

"Painting was never a hobby to me." Bondy says "Deep inside I always knew that art was the most important thing for me. To express myself, feels like a necessitiy, an urge I had to follow."

How wonderful to finally introduce that to the whole world.

All pictures taken from "Dominique Bondy - Sur ses pas revenue" (Ae.Studio, Adrian Ehrat, Zürich Elvira Borbély), Verlag Scheidegger&Spiess, Zürich

Exhibition at "FRÉDÉRIQUE HUTTER art concept" (Trittligasse 4 | 8001 Zürich) until April 24th