Read | 13. Jan 2022

Afterlife Part Two

To lose your husband completely unexpected through an accident is no joke.

Even though you´d been in the middle of considering a separation, even though you are left behind with family and friends, financially independent and still young enough to get involved in new relationships. There is still that mix of sadness, loss, fury and guilt - and there is still that fear of a never ending story.

In her new book the Austrian writer Doris Knecht - who used to be a journalist colleague in Switzerland some years ago - spices that melting pot of feelings up with an online stalker. A stranger who writes aggressive mails to Ruth, the widow, then also to her family and friends, then to her publisher. Is it the former lover of her husband she´d only learnt about after his death? Is it a new lover she just started to get engaged with?

The thing is: As a reader you feel the threatening influence those messages have on your daily life, your realtionsships, even your job. As a female reader you might as well feel a certain solidarity with Ruth´s fears and anger.

I personally felt relieved when Ruth adopted a big dog at the end.