Checkout | 22. Aug 2021

The Future of Shopping

When "Another Magazine" headlined their story about a famous London store "The Inimitable Magic of Dover Street Market" I immediately wanted to correct them - and talk about how much I hope for copy cats instead!

DSM - as we love to call our favorite address not only in London, but later in some Asian metropoles as well as in Los Angeles - was founded more than fifteen years ago by Japanese creative mastermind Rei Kawakubo as the home of "beautiful chaos".

You would never enter with a certain need, - like, let´s say, you were looking for a new winter coat - but with the urge to meet people from your community of taste and creative troublemakers, always potential-partner- in-crime-material.

You would always find fashion you had not expected and designers that had a special moment that very season - it might be Chanel as well as Celine - and you would buy one or two precious things that you would promise yourself to keep for a lifetime .

Other than Parisian store Collette that became a tourist trap soon after they had opened and also next generation´s "Corso Como Dieci" with a different mix of young artist´s presentations and very not commercial designs - DSM should be the blueprint every shop that hopes to survive in our age of sociophobia, digital shopping and discount mania.

Because we need curated collections of musst-haves that actually sell out in some sizes and SO NOT GO TO SALE!

And our cities need meeting points for a cool crowds to stay alive.

Read Dominique Sisley´s piece in "Another Magazine" and checkout the family of employees who talk about the vision of DSM based on Comme de Garcon´s Kawakubo´s original concept.

But more importantly go and checkout the store in London next time you´d be there.

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