Watch | 16. Jun 2022

Summer Night Soul Food

They are back. Our favorite privileged family in all its glamour and glory returned for a movie about them entering a "new aera".

Actually, to me it sems more like the closure of an old one. It is no spoiler that the days of Dowager Countess of Grantham Violet Grantham are numbered and with that great character, played by Maggie Smith, the show will have to live on without its backbone (the "Telegraph" printed an obituary).

But not yet.

For now we get one a little too tanned Lord Grantham and a little too happily-ever-after family - but still some great soul food of nicely filmed interiours and brilliantly orchestrated manners.

Go and interrupt all those summer nights too hot even for al fresco dinners to watch the movie in your favorite movie theatre, maybe have an egg sandwich and a cocktail before and another drink after the show.

I can highly recommend the Bar of "Kronenhalle" in Zürich and the "Corso" movie theater right around the corner for that matter.