Checkout | 07. Aug 2022

"Sauvage" Means Wild After All

There are lots of stars out here coming from the movies or prestigous sports who represent brands. Mostly watches or perfume the likes of Keira Knightly or Nathalie Portman or Kate Winslet or Brad Pitt or Serena Williams and so many more become "the faces" of a product whose image obviously matches the image of the product they are photographed and filmed with.

Sometimes there are fallouts because those stars do something "bad" and so in the eyes of the company they represent, they hurt that image. As it had happened to Kate Moss or Sharon Stone for example.

Then again there is Johnny Depp. Who represents Dior´s "Eau Sauvage" now for some years. From the brand´s perspective he became the ideal "symbol of modern virility" in 2019 - "sauvage" meaning "wild" and therefore standing for a scent of a man who is as hard to tame as a wolfe.

Since the actor got some tough press over the last year fighting the allegations as a "wife beater" by his former wife Amber Heard - people wondered how long the company would stick with him as their poster boy.

As we now know that "Eau Sauvage - The Elixir" became the most successful perfume of the year leaving the Chanels and Armanis behind we cannot help but wonder if the actor even did his image - and the image of the scent - more good than evil.

After all - and after the trial war decided in Depp´s favour - there may be even more men wanting to smell like the strong minded actor who did not give up and fought for his reputation now.

Good for Dior that they have changed their forumula to a stronger version and for a tougher price tag!