Checkin | 28. Jul 2020

Edward Hopper At Fondation Beyeler

Sometimes it takes an article in a magazine from a planet far, far away to get you interested into something right around the corner: I read about the re-opening of Fondation Beyeler in Riehen (an hour-ride away from our home in Switzerland) in the New Yorker and made my family join me for the Edward Hopper exhibition.

And I have to say - even if it takes you a longer trip, it is worth it.

You might know one or two of the paintings, but to see the wonderful landscapes, the detailed and very modern way of portraying the new world that was just in the making at the beginning of the last century, is very touching.

While Hopper paints most of his larger works and oil paintings at his studio, he also sketches when travelling, sometimes at the backseat of his car, at the beach, in a hotel room; those pencil drawings or watercolours are rarely seen and very intimate in a way.

One last word to the place itself - the Fondation Beyeler - go there, whenever visiting the town of Basel (or Freiburg on the other side of the border in Germany). This private founded museum with its wonderfully landscaped gardens, the little restaurant and the many different rooms became one of the truly contemplative places these days.

The legacy of Hildy and Ernst Beyeler with their collection, the design of famous architect Renzo Piano and finally fans around the world made the Fondation Beyeler Switzerland´s most visited museum today.

Go, get your time slot!