Checkout | 29. Mar 2022

I Bag Your Pardon

There is a designer working from Amsterdam and producing in Italy who´s name sounds like Austria.

I mean, "Wandler" pretty much resembles memories of mountains with snowy tops or at least Romy Schneider as "Sissi" hugging trees and hiking through the forests with her father.

Elza Wandler’s namesake brand has solidified its status as an Instagram influencer favourite, street style staple and innovative newcomer in the fashion industry. The Dutch designer’s line of boldly coloured cult bags has quickly attracted an all-star line-up of followers, after gaining traction for its hit style, the Hortensia bag, she expanded into footwear in 2019.

I only recently discovered the brand at "Vestibule", my favourite store in Zurich.

Born in Limburg, Netherlands, she studied fashion at the Amsterdam Fashion Institute. Upon graduating, the budding designer joined Levi’s Made & Crafted. Wandler took her design ambitions, merchandising as well as sales experience gained at the job, and turned it into her eponymous brand in 2017, built from scratch in just one month. Spotting a market gap for round bags, Wandler made her debut with the curved top-handled Hortensia bag in three sizes.

Wandler sources its calf-leather from Italy, while the designer self-develops the colours that have lent the bags their trademark edge.

This season she adds fashion to her creative work, I`ve already ordered a pair of jeans, actually the first stone washed sample since 1982 when I wore a pair exactly like those to see my first "Rolling Stones" concert in Munich.