Checkout | 29. Jul 2020

En Soie - Makes My Summer Even More Beautiful

If you have not heard about "EnSoie", one of the finest and most special shops in all Zurich - you might go an listen to the podcast I did for "Widder Hotel'" earlier this year. One of my first guests was Anna Meier, the daughter of Monique an Dieter Meier and also the creative director of "EnSoie".

Actually she is running this unique concept store now with her sisters Eleonore and Sophie.

So, when I got mail this morning, a small package full of lovely stickers, I figured, today may become a very good day.

Within - wrapped into signature paper and hidden in one of those read and white cartons - there was a small beach-beauty-bag filled with essential beauty products, all in perfect travel sizes. As everything else the Meier family offers, those products are developed in high quality in their homeland Switzerland and work for the whole family - as for the beauty line: Those are also produced here.

And as you can see on by the choice of accessories on my desk - a touch of EnSoie makes at the end almost every day of my days.