Watch | 01. Jan 2022

Once Upon A Time In America

You have to be American and well over sixty to have any interest in "Being The Ricardos". And even if you are - you will be bored by this Amazon biopic taking place in a certain week in the lives of Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz, a Hollywood couple that was more than famous in the middle of the last century.

Their show "I love Lucy" was watched by more than 60 Million people every Monday night, a phenomena in national television, measured by a low water usage during the hour it was broadcast in the whole country and changing the closing hours of department stores (that used to open late on Monday nights before they found out that people won´t come during the show).

Still - that typical Hollywood story of success and betrayal, rise and potential fall, shown here fictionalized in a very lavish production and evidenced by the witness of original staff writers has no chance to capture your interest: Xavier Bardem as Dezi Aranaz alias Ricky Ricardo does an okay job portraying that cuban born singer-actor with a charming Spanish accent and a believable Macho attitude. Nicole Kidman, however, does not at all do any justice to the personality of that social climber Lucielle Ball: her specific humour, her emotional power and her will to becme famous and rich - and have a family.

That very week compensates the different topics that might make that couple interesting above their highly respected places in American television history: Ball is accused to be a communist (during that so called McCarthy era that might be the end of her career and her production company), her always racy marriage is on a verge by the latest articles of her unfaithful husband and the real Ball-Arnazes are expecteing a baby and want that fact to be involved into the show scripting, something that had never been done before.

The movie tries very hard to remind us of the classic soap fun of "I love Lucy" by involving their most famous episodes as well - something even younger Americans might remember from years of CBS Re-runs (even I remember watching "I love Lucy" in the mornings waking up quite early when jetlagged during the late Eighties).

The critics are harsh and I have to admit they are right.

Instead of watching the movie - go find "I love Lucy" scenes on youtube. You still might get a bit of the sensation.