Checkout | 24. May 2022

The Inner Beauty

Within the last ten years the world has changed radically. And this does not concern the internet, social networks nor influencers. Well, not exclusively at least. Because: Without them who would have tought a brandnew generation that our planet needs better taking care of!?

Next to sustainability there are sensitivities about more or less every lifestyle product, from food to fashion, from packaging to transportation.

No wonder more and more beauty brands have to rethink their recepies and distribution. Only last week their was an article in German weekly "ZEIT" about the efforts of whitewashing among drugstore brands...

Having been a beauty-product-addict all my life and now under the influence of those new sensitivities - I am seriously looking for beauty products that fullfill those modern tasks from scratch. And that is how I found out about FEHH.

The Swiss brand FEHH stands for Femme Étoile Homme Humain and does talk to women and men alike, also to all kind of skin conditions, from young to old.

The packaging was developed exclusively from alluminium, the contents are free from any artificial ingredients, you might learn every detail on their user friendly website - they actually have a lexicon to explain every piece of substance they are using.

For me the most convincing point is the specific fragrance: you actually smell the nature-based skincare while using it and you will definitely love the way the liquid soap treats your hands.

I am not a complete fan of the design - too cool for my bathroom cosmos - but I guess that will not hold me back from using FEHH from now on essentially.

How could I not? I am so happy about that new generation of creatives that have more in mind than cheap ways of production to maximize their profits. As those three Swiss entrepreneurs Cecilia Etterli, Florian and Gian Grundböck who founded FEHH.

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