Read | 15. Apr 2021

The Death Of Prince Charming

The first ever feminist book I read was called "Der Tod des Märchenprinzen", roughly translated "The Death of Prince Charming", and I did not even know about the phenomenon then. I had just moved to Hamburg, the book had come out some years earlier and was still talk of the town, so a fellow student gave it to me as a birthday present. Little did I know, that it would change my life forever.

The cover shows the origianl graffiti posted by the author at the window of her lover´s appartment - located in a street in the center of what was then Hamburg´s left wing district. It read: "A misogynist lives here, too" and that learning stuck with me from then on: There are men and then there are men who are our natural enemies.

During those late Seventies/early Eighties we all were on a mission. We wanted IT ALL. Wearing mini skirts and NOT BEING AVAILABLE at the same time. Working the same amount as men. Having children or NOT having children. Money. Power. Sex. Fun.

I think every woman has her personal first feminist book that helped her become herself. In my generation those books became "a thing", even though there had been female, feminist writers before. Like, Simone de Beauvoir, Virginia Woolfe, Sylvia Plath and so many more. Books I considered reading later on as well.

I read Doris Lessing´s´"The Golden Notebook" and Erica Jong´s "Fear Of Flying" years later, both books conquered a place in my heart forever and "Notebook"´s Anna Wulf became a role model in so many ways. I will forever feel the aching pain and the desperation of Lessing´s female heroes, her story located in the early Sixties and so many things still not having changed.

I took five minutes to grab a bunch of books off my shelves that belong to this certain family, randomly, accidentally. Because there are so many more. I regard them my personal support system. Every woman should have one.

PS.: As I could not find my copy of "The Golden Notebook" anymore, I just bought one online to read it once again.