Checkin | 30. Jun 2022

Boys Will Be Boys....

There was an interesting column the other week in Germany´s leading newspaper, "Die Zeit", talking about the phenomena of gender-seperated saunas. Like, every public sauna has a "Women Day", meaning there is NO WOMAN AT ALL in there at any other day of the week.

Not that women wouldn´t be allowed to enter - they just prefer their WOMEN´S DAY. Meaning: all other days feel like "MENS`DAYS".

Now there is a book that reinforces that system while talking about a certain location.

Fire Island, a 32-mile barrier island off Long Island’s South Shore, less than two hours from Manhattan, became essential for the gay movement during the seventies , then suffered more than any other place of AIDS and its social consequences for the community.

The book is celebrating the "American Paradise" - and flipping through it I have to say: Fire Island really seems to be a place for a certain group of people, maybe not the gays but definitely the young ones.

I guess I should have gone earlier in my life?

Good for me: There are more paradises on this planet you do not have to fear to be excluded.