Watch | 23. Nov 2020

Move Into The Future

Since 2005, estate agency "The Modern House" has made design a focal topic of the property conversation.

Embodying the agency’s specialism in houses that ‘reflect a modern way of living’, cofounder Albert Hill visits a home, in Somerset, UK, built to the ‘Passivhaus’ standard of ultra-low energy use. Meeting architect Graham Bizley, Hill discovers how efficient ventilation and the insulation provided by materials such as wood create an ecological environment, which is also suited for the new conditions of everyday living demanded by the pandemic.

Home-Office? Check!

In-and-Out-spaces? Check!

Independency from convenient energy sources? Check!

Plus: Who wouldn´t prefer an ancient landscape during lockdown to downtown London? Walking through the fields instead past closed theaters and art galleries - this "passive" house really points the way to the future of what people will want from a house.

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