Checkout | 02. Jun 2022

The Influence Of Influencers

There used to be a marketing rule within the beauty business: Go and hire a celebrity (actress or actor, singer, writer) - but do NOT create a product with their name. For example: You would have Jennifer Lawrence for Dior or Brad Pitt for Chanel perfume - because you should think "Oh, that brand is still hot, if those hot next-generation-people love it." But you would never REALLY wanna buy into a perfume with their names on it, wouldn´t you?

Those rules have changed. These days we buy all kind of stuff from influencers who flood our instagram accounts. Their fashion, accessoires they obviouisly love, their kitchen aids, the books they read with their book clubs - and all their wisdom in general. Because: THEY KNOW.

Something we all knew before former blogger and street-style photographer Garance Doré brought her very own beauty line on the market: French pharmacy products are cool. Whenever we were in France we went shopping for those creams and liquids budget wise middle of the road but kind of secret weapony within the beauty product market.

(In my case "Nuxe" was a brand I first discovered during Paris fashion week a lifetime ago - and I still go for it whenever I am in France (even though these days you can buy it nearly everywhere in the world, oh yes and online, too).

Garance Dore used several lockdowns during the last two years to develop the idea of creating her very own pharmacy brand because she knows that women love to buy into that easy approach to beauty and fashion French women brought into the world. And I cannot help but wonder if that is more a marketing idea than a really convincing product.

After all: Until now you can only buy it on her new website - and not at any pharmacy in France.

P.S.: Kim Kardashian´s 33 Million followers did not buy into her make-up-line nor fragrance - she had do close KKW down. Now she gives it another try with a more pricy skin care line, hoping her fans might believe in those products. The question is: Does she really know?????