Checkin | 12. Apr 2021

Head In The Clouds

Gerhard Richter is kind of the Prince Philip of the art world: very old, stubborn and still impressively relevant.

You think that sentence does not do him any justice (nor Prince Philip)?

Because he is the most expensive artist of our times? A legend? A pioneer and an old school artist at the same time?

All true. But to get you into the exhibition at Zurich´s Kunsthaus it should sound more exciting, shouldn´t it? Frankly, next to the whole exceptional feeling you get these days just from entering a building and looking at pictures, there is nothing really new here.

But it is still a phantastic experience.

You pass paintings of clouds, those eternal skies he wanted to capture and managed it quite well, even though he never seemed done with it, never satisfied, never happy. But it is that devotion that touches you the most.

And other landscapes, namely those you might have visited yourself, in Engadina or Egypt or in provincial Western Germany, serve as a blueprint for what is going on in his head when looking at the world from his personal perspecitve.

There are a lot of oil paintings but also drawings, there are very concrete, kind of repetitive motives and more abstract versions of the same idea, some of those have never been shown before - and there is a little movie that takes you to his atelier and demonstrates his way of working.

Even though landscapes were such an important topic in Gerhard Richter´s oeuvre there were not that many shows representing them.

Have a look at the short video about the start of the show in Vienna last year (with nearly nobody able to see it) - and please do not judge the quality of the paintings by looking at my photos...!

Then go and have a look at the show yourself as it fits so perfectly into all our emotions - it seems Gerhard Richter always was into the outside as much as we are right now.